New Johnsonville is a city in Humphreys County, Tennessee located about 150 miles northeast of Memphis and about 90 miles west of Nashville. The mill sits along the East bank of the Tennessee River.

Uniquely positioned geographically, Hood Container boasts access to two major shipping hubs; Nashville and Memphis. Hood's proximity to both cities makes shipping corrugated medium to your location easy and economical.

The Mill's geographic location also inspires our commitment to environmental stewardship. We understand our responsibility in contributing to the community in which we do business. That's why we use sustainable fuels and recycled materials for production.

Did You Know?

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We store up to 40,000 tons of wood chips on-site.

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We receive about 60 truckloads per day of sawdust and waste wood from sawmills and landfills to be used as sustainable fuel for our process.

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We use one continuous digester that daily consumes 1,000 tons of wood chips to produce 550 tons of pulp.

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We receive up to 40 truckloads a day of baled post-consumer Old Corrugated Containers from grocery stores and recycling facilities.

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About 50% of the pulp for the paper machine comes from recycled fiber.